I am heading to Tokyo and Seoul this spring......

I find as a designer that my eyes need to travel,  to look across cultures and design history.  Tokyo will be a search of Modern Architecture, the gems hidden in cramped neighborhoods that shoot up towards the sky to gain access to space. The simplicity of style.... cement, large windows....even plywood becomes charming!  Cushu Cusyo : Is first on my list, furniture and accessories made by artisans and local artists, a very warm organic feel.

Cocca: For original textiles and lamp shades, a much needed thing for me!!!



SEOUL: Back to my most favorite city!  I am looking forward to weaving my way through Samcheong-dong. A treasure trove of small galleries and shops. 



Why I travel

To me design is a never ending path. A twist of color, hard stone, fabric rough or smooth between our fingers. Every country has it's own theory of what is modern/antique. Seoul to me is wood,stone,concrete,glass...melding old with new. Twisty paths that lead to the most beautiful of pottery. Fabrics that stun your eyes with their beauty, rooms that force you to sit and enjoy the beauty of the small garden in front of you.